The Gardens at Owings Mills                      -

Emergency Contacts
Property Manager:  Matthew Merkel
Phone 443-548-0191    Emergency Extension: 9

Latest News!!
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Where Is My Money Going?

Other than our usual expenses which are vast, we have incurred bills that you may not be aware of just this past month!

-11903 Roof Replacement (even more expensive due to it being a flat roof)
-Inspection of balconies
-Major water break behind 11910
-Light repairs, some needed more work than just bulbs
-Water leak under the pool area

Vehicle Violations 
If your vehicle is not drivable or expired tags.... you WILL be given a violation sticker.  If the car is not removed in 7 days, it will be towed.  Your expense, no exceptions
Parking Lots

We will be getting bids on parking lot repairs by the March Association Meeting.  They will need to be done one at a time with the worse, going first.  We know this is going to be a very expensive project.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed no other major repairs come up until then!  Should start in the Spring when the weather is consistent.